The introduction of sound public procurement policies, procedures and techniques allows governments and international organizations to improve the overall quality of public expenditures, meeting the needs of citizens, thus fulfilling their mandates. The reform of public procurement systems, institutional strengthening and capacity building along with the improvement of applicable processes are areas of increasing focus and importance. An effective, efficient and transparent procurement system is an ideal mechanism that supports the development of and goes hand-in-hand with a modern public financial management system to further economic, social and environmental development in countries and regions in a sustainable manner.

INPRI offers specific courses that build upon each other to provide the best possible training in international public procurement. Working with partners and on special assignments each course can be tailored to specific audiences, needs, and budgets. While the focus is placed on international procurement and the regulatory frameworks of the international donor community, special modules are also developed to help assimilate and integrate international best practices to the betterment of national or sub-national systems and issue-specific topics.